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  • BACKLIT ROSES <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    A COLLECTION OF EGGS & A SPOON <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    BLUE & WHITE JUG WITH BEETROOT <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • EGGS IN A GARLIC POT <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    FLOWERS FROM THE GARDEN <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    WHITE ROSES & CORNFLOWERS <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • PROMISE OF SUMMER, STOCKBRIDGE <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    THREE HEADS <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    FRESH ROSES <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • MILK & EGGS <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    CLAIRE AUSTIN <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    THE ODD ONE OUT <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • ROSES ABOUT TO BLOOM <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    GARLIC WITH BRASS PESTLE & MORTAR <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    LUNCH IN PARIS <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>