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  • VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘Heading Home’
    ROSEMARY FARRER ‘Wild Cherries’
    MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Cinque Terre Through the Palms’
  • DIANA NEALE ARPS ‘Lady’s Mantle with Rope & Keys’
    JONATHAN POMROY ‘Swifts Screaming at Dusk’
    JAKE WINKLE ‘Puffin Strides’
  • ROB WHELPTON ‘Large Fishes Vase’
    VICKY WHELPTON ‘Large Lemons Jug’
    VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘Crofters’ Cottages, Shetland’
  • VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘River Avon, Salisbury Watermeadows’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘Anglesey Cottages’
    VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘Towards the Guidecca, Venice’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘A Bed for the Night’
    VALERIE BATCHELOR ‘Fishguard Harbour’
  • MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘The Cod & Lobster’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Riomaggiore’
    MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Stormy Skies, Staithes’
  • MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Cafe in the Sun, Windsor’
    MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Bullrush Tangle’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    MAUREEN DAVIES SWA ‘Tulips in Paris’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>