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  • Maureen Davies SWA ‘Whitby Harbour, K2’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    Maureen Davies SWA ‘Luberon Poppies’
    Maureen Davies SWA ‘Roussillon’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
  • Maureen Davies SWA ‘Along the Seine’
    Julia Cassels ‘Flamingo Fishing’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    Julia Cassels ‘Peacock Butterfly’
  • Julia Cassels ‘Running Elephant’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    Julia Cassels ‘Bumble Bee I’
    Clementine St. John Webster ‘Albert Bridge’
  • Ian Weatherhead ‘Passing the Houses of Parliament’
    Julia Cassels ‘Ostrich’ <span class='sold'>SOLD</span>
    Ian Weatherhead ‘Pipers on the Esplanade, Edinburgh’
  • Jake Winkle ‘March Hare’
    Jake Winkle ‘Catch me if you can!’
    Rebecca Flynn ‘Guinea Fowl & Dragonfly’